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Service Delivery Protest in Melusi community

Angry residents of Melusi take it to the streets.

On the morning of Wednesday, 8th May 2024, Melusi residents protested against ongoing service delivery failures. The demonstrations caused major disruptions, blocking main streets and halting traffic. Fieldworkers were prevented from reporting to work as protesters forced them to join the strike. Authorities quickly responded to manage the situation.

Blockage on the main streets near Melusi.
Mayor of Melusi during protest action.

The protest was sparked by residents resorting to illegal electricity connections due to the lack of proper services. SAPS and Metro Police were called to dismantle these illegal connections, affecting the nearby Booysens suburb. Booysens residents have been without electricity for two weeks because a transformer blew out, a result of the illegal connections from Melusi. Community leaders expressed their frustration, noting that the mayor had promised to address the service delivery issues. However, with no visible progress, tensions and unrest have increased among residents.

Fortunately, no injuries occurred during the protests and police actions. However, the situation is becoming critical, necessitating urgent intervention to prevent further disruptions and risks. Melusi residents are demanding immediate action to resolve service delivery issues and restore normalcy.

Commemorating the Legacy of a Valued Community Leader, of Selaelo Mafa Mamabolo: A Pillar of the Melusi Community.

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of community leader Selaelo Mafa Mamabolo. A devoted husband, father of three, and brother to GRT-Inspired fieldworker Mosibudi Mamabolo, Mr. Mamabolo left an indelible mark through his 15+ years of service in Melusi. As a prominent SANCO member, Mr. Mamabolo’s acts positively impacted many lives. When break-ins plagued the Melusi Clinic, he rallied community night patrols to ensure safety. His collaborative efforts with residents led to the construction of secure palisade fencing around the clinic premises.

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Dangerous Decay Inside Fontana High-Rise

A routine data collection job at Fontana’s High Point high-rise turned into a scene of alarming urban decay and safety hazards. As the GRT-I field team entered the building, they encountered burnt-out units, abandoned belongings, and an atmosphere of ruin. 

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