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Dangerous Decay Inside Fontana High-Rise

A routine data collection job at Fontana’s High Point high-rise turned into a scene of alarming urban decay and safety hazards. As the GRT-I field team entered the building, they encountered burnt-out units, abandoned belongings, and an atmosphere of ruin. 

“It looked post-apocalyptic,” said a Hillbrow North site supervisor. Determining occupancy in the 308 units was tough, but the real danger was the shadowy stairwells where muggers lurked.

“The footage is unsettling – whole sections looked like an urban wasteland,” the supervisor explained. With only flashlights, GRT-I workers risked their safety climbing each deteriorated floor alone due to the isolated layout.

One GRT-I worker’s close call with an aggressive squatter in the dark stairwell was the last straw. “Sending my team further in was unacceptable,” the supervisor stated, aborting the High Point job to evacuate staff from the hazardous high-rise. 

Dimly lit halls concealing potential threats. Vacant units overtaken by squatters. The crumbling tower was too perilous to survey responsibly. While the building’s future is discussed, GRT-I fields’ workers prioritized their safety, over the job.